Animals, Birds, Green Peafowl, Marwell Zoo @ Marwell Zoo, City of Winchester,England - 24/02/2018

The Animals of Marwell Zoo

A selection of photographs taken by Ian Hardy at Marwell Zoo. Please see the Marwell official website for the latest visitor information.

Note, the type of animals kept at the zoo changes over time, not all animal types shown here are represented in the current collection. The Bartlett Society maintains a useful historic list of dates that different species have been kept at Marwell.


1 2 3 4 5 addax african spoonbill african wild alaotran gentle lemur american flamingo amur leopard amur tiger animals antelope arabian oryx arabian sand cat asian brown tortoise bateared fox beaded lizard big cat birds black and white ruffed lemur blackwinged stilt blesbok bluecrowned laughingthrush bongo brazilin tanager brazillian tapiar buffalo capybara caracal lynx casqueheaded iguana cheetah city of winchester coal tit coati cold blooded corner colden common collared peccary congo buffalo cottontop tamarin crested wood partridge crocodile monitor crow cusimanse dama gazelle diana monkey dorcas gazelle duck dwarf lopear rabbit egret emerald tree monitor england european eider female fish flamingo forest buffalo gazelle gemsbok gibbon giraffe goat golden lion tamarin great grey owl greater flamingo greater kudu greater rhea green woodpecker greenpeafowl grevy's grevy's zebra grey wagtail guianan squirrel monkey hamerkop hampshire helmetheaded hippopotomus humboldt kangaroo laemanctus serratus laughingthrush lego bricks lemur leopard lesser kudu linnes twotoed sloth little egret lizard llama lowland anoa lowland tapir macaque madagascan partridge madagascan teal male marabou stork marwell marwell zoo meerkat mongoose mountain bongo moustached laughingthrush nicobar pigeon northern bald ibis northern curlytailed lizard northern white faced owl ocelot okapi omei shan liocichla oriental shortclawed otter ostrich otter owl owslebury parma wallaby partridge penguin pheasant pied imperial pigeon pigeon pygmy hippo pygmy marmoset rabbit ralph red panda redcrowned crane rednecked wallaby redruffed lemur redtailed laughingthrush ringtailed coati ringtailed lemur roan antelope robin rothschilds giraffe sable antelope sandpiper sciaters crowned pigeon scimitarhorned oryx serval siamang gibbon siberian tiger silvery marmoset sitatunga slendertailed meerkat sloth snow leopard somali wild sparrow spectacled owl stanley crane sulawesi crested black macaque sun conure tamarin tapir the great brick safari tiger topaz ai adjust topaz ai sharpen topaz studio tortoise tropical house ural owl village weaver von der deckens hornbill walkthrough aviary wallaby warthog west african pygmy goat western blackandwhite colobus western grey kangaroo white naped phesent pigeon white rhinoceros whitefaced saki whiterumped shama wild woodpecker wrinkled hornbill yellow mongoose zebra zoo

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