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5th August was my 4th visit to Old Warden this year. This time for the 'Family Airshow'. A great deal of effort went into ensuring there was lots for a family to do, with some fun fair rides and various craft activities around the site.

For a change I started my day with a walk around the Swiss Garden. In a very pleasant way this was not what I expected, with an area of woodland, a lake as well as a more formal garden area. In a typical Shuttleworth way very enjoyable and relaxing!

As is normal there was a parade of vehicles prior to the flying. This was in two parts, the first featured agricultural and commercial vehicles and vintage bicycles. The star in this part had to be the vintage fire engine pulled along by two magnificent horses! Though I have to give the shinning orange coloured steam lorry a special mention as well. The second part featured vintage cars and motorcycles.

Family Airshow 2018, Old Warden, Shuttleworth, Swiss Garden - 05/08/2018:10:14
Family Airshow 2018, Old Warden, Shuttleworth, Vehicle Parade - 05/08/2018:12:20

The Flying Display was an entertaining  mix of Shuttleworth  collection aircraft and visiting aircraft. For me the highlight was the show debut of the collections new Miles Hawk Speed Six in its beautiful black and cream paint scheme (All, 2*, 3*, 4* galleries).

Arrival, Family Airshow 2018, Old Warden, Shuttleworth - 05/08/2018:10:45
Departure, Family Airshow 2018, Old Warden, Shuttleworth - 05/08/2018:18:17
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