Display Team, Extra, Shoreham 2015, The Blades

Eurofighter Typhoon

The Eurofighter Typhoon achieved the honour of having the most appearances in the air display at RIAT 2016. As well as displays by the RAF, Italian & Spanish air forces there  was also a display by BAe systems as well as a flypast with an F-35B Lightning II and the Red Arrows.

For me the star of these displays was the display flown by the BAe test pilot Nat Makepeace. The display was one of making peace through a show of force, as the display was flown with a multi-role weapons load fitted:- four Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missiles, two Brimstone 2 low collateral precision strike weapons, two ASRAAM missiles and two Paveway IV laser guided precision weapons.

BAE wepons fit Typhoon FGR.4 (tranche 3)  [Show all].

RAF Typhoon FGR4  [Show all]

Italian Air Force Eurofighter F-2000  [Show all]

Spanish Air Force EF2000   [Show all]

Red Arrows, F-35B & Typhoon Flypast  [Show all]

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