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Old Sarum Airshow 12th Sept 2015

Auster AOP.6, Auster Air Observation Plane, Auster Aircraft Ltd., Old Sarum, TW536, aircraft, airshow

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The weekend of 12-13th September saw the first  Old Sarum airshow. Good weather and the promise of the Vulcan attracted a high attendance on the Saturday.

While the weather played game the Vulcan didn't, developing a fuel related fault on route it returned home. Much of the audience also headed home missing the final displays by 'Ferocious Frankie' and 'Sally-B', their loss!

It's a shame that many will remember the show for the one aircraft that didn't display, rather than the excellent displays that did. For me the highlight was a display team, raven-display-team, which I've not seen before. In their 5 very stylish Van RV aircraft they put on a great display of formation aerobatics. All of the displays where of a high quality.

Will this show return next year? I hope so.

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