Display Team, Extra, Shoreham 2015, The Blades

The 'airshow that never was'! A prolonged period of rain leading up to the show, together with heavy rain on the Friday led to the cancelling of the 2008 RIAT. This was my first year of attending on a Friends of RIAT (FRIAT) Mach 3 package. While I drove to the area on the Wednesday the heavy rain was too much for me, so I did not even attempt to go to the Park and View. However, I did go the FRIAT grandstand on the Thursday and Friday. To be honest by the time of leaving on the Friday it was evident that much of the parking area and showground would turn into a mud bath if the showground opened as planned over the weekend, so to some extent it was a relief and no surprise to learn when I got back to my hotel that the weekends show had been cancelled. This was a shame as an excellent range of aircraft had arrived for the show (from memory and my photo's) the majority of the aircraft had arrived from all over the world (with the exception of the Vulcan, this would have been its first return to flight RIAT)

2008, RAF 90 Flypast, RIAT 2008 - 11/07/2008@14:31
2008, RIAT 2008
2008, RIAT 2008


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