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Royal International Air Tattoo 2007

Looking back at my photographs I'm surprised what a good year 2007 was. I attended just the one day, in the public grandstand. The weather helped the photographs, the majority of the day  had a blue sky with some interesting clouds, though there where periods with some more dramatic darker clouds, though in the main these where well lit by a clear sky behind, ideal for photography.

F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-16C/D, Lockheed Martin, RIAT 2007, Thunderbirds, US Air Force, USAF Air Demonstration Squadron, Viper
85-0090, B-1, Lancer, RIAT 2007, Rockwell, US Air Force
84-0825, F-117, Lockheed, Nighthawk, RIAT 2007, US Air Force
01-2002, 494-FS, Boeing, Eagle, F-15, F-15E, McDonnell Douglas, RIAT 2007, Strike Eagle, USAFE, United States Air Forces in Europe
1 2 3 4 61 563 564 6064 8178 433915 840825 850090 4484847 012002 0788 2000ex 314ul 494fs advanced light combat aircraft aermacchi aero vodochody aerosuperbatics alpha jet army air corps avro awacs b1 bae battle of britain memorial flight bbmf belgium air force black cats boeing bqb breaking chute british aerospace bulldog serie 100 m. 104 c.1628 c130 c130j chinook chinook hc2 city of lincon cn 634 consolidated czech air force dassault development aircraft e10 e3 eagle empire test pilots school eurofighter extra extra 300l f117 f15 f15e f16 fighting falcon f16am f16cd f86a fa131 fa18 fa18c falcon falcon 20 finnish air force firefly flankerh flares frecce tricolori french air force fu178 g550 gaprs gbwxn gfras gfrba gpbya gravn gsabr guinot gulfstream gulhi hal hawk t1 hawker hercules hind hindustan aeronautics limited hn432 hornet hurricane hurricane mk iic hwr il78mki ilyushin india air force italian air force j055 j5007 jetstream t.2 l07 l159a alca lancaster b1 lancer lf363 bbmf lockheed lockheed martin lynx ah7 lynx hma.8dsp mb339 mcdonnell douglas mi24v mil miss velma mk.48 mustang mustang p51d n251rj n550gd nighthawk nimrod mra.4 north american opposition pass pa474 panavia aircraft pby catalina pc21 pc9m phantom of the ruhr pilatus pm631 ps853 ps915 pyro explosion r44 raf raf role demonstration raven red arrows reheat riat 2007 rk3452 robinson rockwell royal air force royal jordanian falcons royal navy royal netherlands air force rs02 sabre sb041 sb044 scottish aviation sea king sentry slingsby slovenian air force spanish air force spiffire pr mk.xix spitfire srs3 static stearman n2s strike eagle su30mk.i sukhoi supermarine swift swiss air force t67m260 thunderbirds tornado f.3 tornado gr.4 twin pioneer typhoon f.2 typhoon s united states air forces in europe us air force usaf air demonstration squadron usafe vic norman viper westland ws61 xx284 xx307 xx331 xx478 xz647 xz722 za110 za602 za705 zd848 ze168 zf562 zg780 zh105 zh879 zj518 zj920


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